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This article is a guide to the Love gameplay.

If you have not installed Love, or purchased a game voucher, please read Installing Love.

What is Love?

Beginners may find What is Love? a useful starting point. It is also suggested you watch Eskil's Official Tutorial

Brief Mission/Plot Summary

The world of Love features five AI tribes, the Kondosant Clan (red), the Clondo Tribe (green), the Omprelly Enclave (blue), the Con Dotita Raiders (purple), and the Gindra Traders (yellow). These tribes normally have a relatively peaceful, if tense, relationship with each other with only occasional outbreaks of small conflicts.

However, this balance is constantly threatened by an object known as The Artifact. The Artifact has a corrupting effect on the AI tribe that possesses it, causing them to take as much territory as possible and giving them the power to expand their influence for beyond what is normally possible for an AI tribe.

The Artifact is impervious to any attempt to destroy it. When The Artifact does not have an owner, it will attract any AI it can and drive them to take possession of it. Because of this it causes a constant cycle of conflict and uprisings in the world.

The Player Tribe is a special neutral tribe largely immune to the corrupting effects of The Artifact. It is up to the Player Tribe to maintain a balance between the AI tribes and fight the corrupting effects of The Artifact.


  • WASD keys - To traverse the world, you can use these keys for forward/back and left/right strafing.
  • MOUSE1 (left click) - Activates or fires whatever tool/weapon is currently activated.
  • MOUSE2 (right click) or Spacebar - Jump. When in the air your camera is freed which allows you to perform front and backflips.
  • Number keys 1-4 - Select tool in one of four tool slots or, if looking at a token, replaces selected tool slot with observed token.
  • F1-F8 - Select or activate one of eight inventory slots. See Ingame HUD below.
  • Esc or MOUSE3 (middle click) - Releases mouse to interact with HUD menu below and reveals the chat section at the top.
  • Q - Projects some of your power as a power pod in the direction you are facing. Handy for giving power to other players in need.
  • C - Capture coordinates of any token you look at given it's close enough to you or even a specific space on the ground.
  • F11 - Takes a screenshot. All screenshots are only saved when exiting the game and can be found in the "love" folder wherever you installed it as a .tga. To view it, you'll most likely need to convert it so something like .png or .jpg but keep in mind it appears to not capture text overlaid on the screen.
  • F12 - Closes the game.

Ingame HUD

This section discusses the basics of the HUD. Please read more at HUD.

The player's health is represented by the color of the bars at the top and bottom of the screen, black being full health and brightening shades of red indicate increasing severity of the player's condition. Players can heal by respawning at the monolith (see below) or picking up power pods. For more advanced information and other ways to regenerate health, see the Health page.

HUD Example

  • Tool Slots (1)
    Love gives you four tool slots, the example shows blaster in the first slot, and smooth edit in the second slot. Slot 3 and 4 are both empty (small squares). Each slot is bound to your number keys 1-4.
  • Power Meter (2)
    Shows your personal power levels.
  • Monolith and Checkpoints (3)
    The monolith pointer will be made when you are a member of a settlement. The rounded side of the pointer is the direction to the settlement. Opening your chat screen and clicking on the monolith icon will teleport you instantly its location. Note that you will drop any tokens, pods, and matter in your inventory. However, your tools and power levels will remain.
  • Frames per Second (4)
    The frames per second figure of your client is shown here. This is mostly for debugging purposes.
  • Coordinates (5)
    Love will tell you where you are, whenever you are looking at something other than the sky. Clicking Coordinate will automatically add a Location Bookmark (see HUD for more).
    The text "###:###:?" is your current position in the world.
    The text after the position is the type of object that you are looking at.(e.g token smooth edit)

For more in-depth information on the HUD, see HUD

Getting tools

Upon entering love's world, your tool belt will be empty. If a developed settlement already exists on the server, you can equip tools from the tokens already placed there, otherwise you will have to find the tokens yourself, and place them in a settlement first. To place a token that you have already picked up, select it using your F1-F4 keys, or releasing the pointer and clicking on the icon, then clicking on a tile in the world (for a monolith) or in the settlement. The wire-frame model of the token will turn blue to indicate a valid location. To equip an already placed (and unlocked) token, look at the token until the blue wire-frame appears around it and press one of the corresponding tool slots you want the token to be placed in. If instead light blue vertical lines appear around the token, it means that you have not unlocked the token yet.
Rastabon is a jerk
Blaster token in the settlement.

Basic tools to get when first entering are the smooth edit which allow you to edit the ground and the blaster, the basic weapon token

The world is set up in 6 grids with dimensions of 128x128 tiles, these grids are called pyrospheres. Each of these pyrosphere's are given a name:

  • N (Nove)
  • S (Sota)
  • E (Ereca)
  • F (Widas)
  • I (Idra)
  • R (Rile).

Each of these grids are transformed onto the the faces of a cube, and then the cube is rounded so it becomes a sphere. This sphere is the planet that you play on. The N pyrosphere, is located at the top of the world (North), and S is located at the opposite side. The tile located in the exact center (64:64:N/S) of the N and S pyrospheres are the poles, like the axis of Earth. A good thing to do when beginning the game is to type "64:64:N" into the console (hit esc then type) so that you have a compass needle that always points North.

For more information about the region located within pyrospheres, see Regions.

Collaboration and Cooperation

Now that you've selected a server, you can feel free to explore the world, fight some AI, join a settlement, or join up with some other players and build your own! This brings us to the most important facet of Love: Collaboration. If you don't get along with the other players it's hard to have any fun. The best way to cooperate with other players is via Teamspeak (TS). If no one is on Teamspeak, don't fret. Several of us idle throughout the day to help new players and play with old friends. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Joining a Settlement

When you load the world, Love will automatically spawn you at the heart of a player settlement. Unless there are no player settlements, in which case your inventory is automatically given a monolith token, which allows you to place a monolith and start your own settlement.

There are some occasions where you are spawned outside of player settlements. A settlement pointer indicator will appear in the center of your screen, directing you to player settlements on the server.


Eskil's Tutorial:

Eskil's "TechTree" Tutorial

Here's an old video guide that I made for new players a while ago. It was cool and new back then, but a lot of updates re-worked game mechanics have made them a lot less relevant (e.g. no more config tool).
* Part 1:
* Part 2:
* Part 3:

Here are some other useful videos.

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